Spring is in the air and there are tons of new listings for homes for sale now, especially this time of the year!  Generally most home owners who have the luxury of waiting for end of February to place their home on the market will have the advantage of the highest selling season for most geographic areas.  With so many homes on the market, the very important questions is “how will your home stand out among the crowded market.  Staying ahead of the pack to sell your home it must ‘pop’!

Having fresh paint with the latest colors to compete with the newer homes is a must.  If the your home has walls that need repair because of cracks and paint that is flaking or just generally appear too outdated or dirty, the home will not sell very quickly or will sell lesser than the value you are reaching for.   With so many homes on the market now the buyer will just move to the next home that is more appealing and looks like it has been kept in good condition and updated.  Updating the paint to neutral colors are usually used in homes that are up for sale so that the buyer will feel that their own furnishings will fit well into the home without them having to paint before moving in.

It is generally accepted in the real estate industry that home renovations that will expedite the sale of the house are updating the bathroom, the kitchen and painting the interior. Freshly painted rooms will make the home look well cared for and clean which is something that is very appealing to any buyer. Today’s home buyer is very aware of all the little defects and potential problems with properties.

A professional paint job is a must as any  paint job gone bad is one that has lines that have not been cut in cleanly, paint drips down the walls and splatters on the carpets and floors just makes the home look inferior. An experienced painting and drywall repair contractor knows how to correct any problems and make sure the walls are cleaned and ready to accept paint for the best possible finish.industrys_best_warranty

The cost to hire a professional painting service is very affordable when you consider the entire value of your home and the fact that you need the best presentation of beautiful finished look as possible with a fresh paint cover. As you endeavor to hire a professional painting contractor keep in mind it is important to select a professional painting contractor that has at least over 10 to 15 years experience in your local area and is able to provide ample local references that will recommend them for the quality satisfactory home painting project they completed for them.  With the latest in news available on the internet, searching for reviews online should steer you away from contractors that may not deliver top notch painting quality results.

Another important consideration for hiring a professional home painting contractor verses attempting the project yourself is they have the proper equipment and experience to fix drywall cracks and rough finishes.  Purchasing all the needed tools, equipment, supplies not to mention the time out of your schedule should lead you to make the best decision to hire the a professional painting and drywall contractor.

For free inspection and estimate from a professional painting and drywall contractor that has been in business for over 30 years in Memphis TN, Germantown TN or Collierville TN call River City Painting Services at 901 461 8205 or visit us on the web at http://www.rivercitypaintingservices.com today!


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